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Canoeing and Kayak Trips
There is nothing more pleasurable than floating a river. Canoe and kayak with us on one of  Georgia's Rivers.  All  the rivers we run are bird watcher’s , photographer’s ,fisherman's and nature lover's paradise! You will be surrounded by many different species of birds, as well as deer, beaver, otters and other animals as well as the 'Beautiful Scenery & History'!
Daytripping at its best!
We provide canoe or kayak, paddles, personal flotation devices, and transportation both ways. We go over a river map with you, planning a trip that best suits you. You set the pace; the choice is yours. Minimum trip is two hours with options for all day or overnight. We will meet you for your shuttle back to our base. The peace and solitude along with our personalized service will bring you back for more.
   We're open seven days a week during the summer season. We use top-quality equipment with our whole fleet being Native Kayaks and Heritage Kayaks !
Overnight Trips!
If overnight trips are for you, we have some beautiful camping available. On the primitive side, it’s a very relaxing way to enjoy the river. Have your own canoe? No problem. We offer carspotting, or will shuttle your equipment.
We have handled many organizations, from Boy/Gril Scout camping outings to many other adult groups. We take the hassle out of your trip planning. Just give us a call.
   Georgia Trail Outfitters has a concern for our environment. We would appreciate it if you would not litter 'YOUR' lovely rivers.Garbage receptacles will be available at the end of your trip.
   Canoe and kayak trips run March through October. For spring and fall trips, call ahead for dates and times.
Explore on Your Own!
We include:
   * Basic instruction and support
   * Quality equipment... 'Heritage Kayaks '     and the New 'NUCANOE '   
* Life Jackets
   * Shuttle Service
     Prices range from
$25.00 to $80.00   2 hour/4 hour/8 hours
Price depends on [1]the stretch
of river  and [2]kayak/canoe you choose.
We are dealers for NativeKayaks, Heritage Kayaks andNucanoe,  when you want to buy one for your own!
Combining the best attributes of a sit-on-top kayak and a sport canoe
The NuCanoe is ideal for fishing, hunting, paddling, rowing, diving, and more.
No other kayak, canoe, or small watercraft gives you this much versatility, stability, comfort, safety, and on-the-water fun!
How Can You NuCanoe?
Kayak Fishing & Canoe Fishing :The stability anglers want with the versatility to fish in all bodies of water. Rigged up and ready to paddle or troll to your favorite fishing hole!
Paddling: For those who want to enjoy the water and their companions without the technical aspects of a traditional canoe or kayak. Easy to paddle, stable, and comfortable, the NuCanoe is your ticket to enjoyment.
Waterfowl Hunting: A waterfowl hunting boat that provides great safety, stability for shooting, and room for the dog. With options like a layout seat and trolling motor, the NuCanoe Waterfowler is the new standard.
Heritage Kayaks represent the marriage of modern technology and sophisticated materials with timeless proven traditional design elements. Our kayaks are designed to be user friendly, good looking, and of course, safe under prudent usage. A proper kayak is a marvelous and seaworthy craft, with roots going back into history. Heritage offers a wide variety of models for your selection all offering high quality, by design.

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