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Located On the Chattahoochee In Historic Whitesburg Georgia 
Home Of McIntosh Reserve Park

Group Discount: 
·   A 15% rental discount only applies to group trips that: (1) use a single lease agreement, (2) are paid for with a single payment, and (3) have 6 or more paying seats.

We offer Kayak/Canoe day rentals from 2 Hours,4 hours, 8 hours, prices are from  $25.00 to $80.00 depending on location on river and Kayak/Canoe  choice.

Over nite and mutiple nites are also offered,with or with out guide service!

All tours are on a reservation basis only. Please contact us to reserve your tour or for more information. 404-852-3372

Trips include stable, safe and comfortable kayak/canoes, basic kayaking instruction, professionally trained guides[upon request] and all necessary gear. 

Specialty Tours:

   * Full Moon Tours
   * Overnight  Excursions
   * Picnic Tours
   * Twilight Trips
   * Custom group tours for families, friends, church groups, corporate getaways, etc. Group discounts available for parties of six or More .

  At Georgia Trail Outfitters you will find we only offer Top of the Line Native Kayaks for our Guest!

  We are proud of our line of Kayaks from 'Native Kayaks' !  Premium Native Kayaks and our Guest Care Service will assure that your family, friends, and groups will have an adventure to cherish and remember for a life time!

   If you need a price for yourself or group please call 404-852-3372. Keep in mind we are river and trail guides and our phone service's are cell phones,we are always on the trails so if no answer we are between  'PADDLE STROKES' OR  LOADIN' KAYAKS' or NO PHONE SERVICE'  So please leave message and we'll get right back to you!

  Reservations & Deposits - We recommend advance reservations by phone. To guarantee your booking, we process a deposit when you make your reservation. Deposits can be paid by cash or cheque. Deposit required: canoes/kayaks/camping equipment – one day’s rental per item; outfitting packages – first day’s payment for each person; guided trips – 1/2 of trip fee;

  Cancellations - Deposits are refundable if notice of cancellation is received well in advance. Notice of cancellation required: canoes, recreational kayaks and camping equipment at least 7 days; Outfitting packages at least 14 days; guided trips at least 30 days (less a $50 administration fee). Georgia Trail Outfitters reserves the right to cancel a guided trip at any time. Full refunds would be issued if this decision was necessary.



.        404-852-3372               

    Guided Local and Overnight Adventures!                     
         We've Got Your Spring/Summer/                      Fall/Winter Fun!!!

     First off Hello, my name is Patrick. I am Wilderness Leader out at Georgia Trail Outfitters as we continue to expand to new and exciting wilderness pursuits.
So a bit about me;
     I am currently going into my fifth year as an Outdoor Education student with a minor in psychology at Georgia College & State University. Georgia College’s Outdoor education program is one of the very few among the entire nation prestigious enough to be accredited by the AEE, “Association of Experiential Education.” During my time in this program I have been training to be a leader in a wilderness context. This ranges from running challenge courses, to leading backpacking expeditions, climbing, caving, white water, flat water, and coastal trips! And many more, as you can imagine all of this requires a wide variety of skill set. But the value of these trips comes less from the actual activity, and more from the transfer of knowledge afterward, this is the real benefit of any wilderness adventure! I have always found myself at home in a wilderness context, as well as felt a strong connection to myself and the world. It is my goal to help to spread the wonderful values that are inherent in any type of wilderness pursuit, as well as to provide any and all participants with a safe, fun, and educational environment! 
John Muir:
"Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity; and that mountain parks and reservations are useful not only as fountains of timber and irrigating rivers, but as fountains of life."
     And for some boring information about myself to give you a better idea of where I am coming from.
     I am certified by The Wilderness Medical Institute as a Wilderness First Responder, as well as in adult / child CPR, AED & airway management.
     I am also certified as an LNT Trainer, as well as a member of the American Canoe Association, and have participated in several of their workshops including: river safety & rescue, white water (tandem), and canoe touring.
     This November I am going to study with the Wilderness Medical Institute again, this time I will be taking a course to be certified as a wilderness EMT.
        I have been a certified open water scuba diver since March of 2000.
Now that you have met me, let me meet you! E-mail, Call, or even better come out and see us!

           Kayaking River Trails  

          *McIntosh Run    2-3 hr.            $35.00  6 or more 15% off 
Put in Hwy#16 Whitesburg