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Located On the Chattahoochee In Historic Whitesburg Georgia 
Home Of McIntosh Reserve Park

         Chattahoochee River, 'THE RIVER OF PAINTED ROCKS'
   It begins as a spring in the fittingly name "Chattahoochee Gap," little more than a trickle of water at 3200 feet. Over the first 100 miles the river falls almost 2400 feet,  forms a major Southeast lake (Lanier) and provides water for millions of Georgians.

   The river has played a key role in the history of the state. Paleolithic and Woodland Indians called it home. Moundbuilders navigated it as far north as present-day Helen. The Cherokee and Creek used the river as a border, first between their Nations, then between themselves and early settlers. In its watershed the first great American Gold Rush occurred.  The flooding of the "...valleys of Hall" helped to feed Georgia's second "gold rush" -- tourism.

   Today, in addition to providing drinking water and power in north Georgia the Chattahoochee is a major source of recreation. Fishing, tubing, canoeing, boating, hiking and camping on its banks, shores, and in its watershed are all popular activities.

   However the Chattahoochee is also challenged :  SOUTH of Atlanta, the once pristine condition of the river and its tributaries is being repeatedly intruded upon by  Atlanta's sprawling growth, and due this fact, the Marine debris is unacceptable!         

  Georgia Trail Outfitters EXTENDS an Invitation to all persons concerned and love these sections:  from : South Fulton Pkwy/ Capps Ferry, Whitesburg/Newnan, Georgia Hwy 16 To Franklin, Hwy 27
                                         to  join us!

     Will have four -six[4-6] times a year, a clean up on this section of   
                                            yours/our river!
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                     'River of Painted Rocks'

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